Sunday, February 21, 2010

Loved my weekend

Last Monday went to Eileen's house for her open house. Si ching and Glenn picked me up, thank you Si Ching (: You better had enjoyed that milo ais! Went to club 9 to play pool first and someone has bad luck heehee. Poor Eileen, she told everyone that she has an open house/farewell so everyone just assumed it was at night but it was actually only supposed to be in the afternoon hahaha but some of us still went over anyway. Was shocked to enter a room with around 10 LITTLE kids playing blackjack with bunches of RM1's on the floor, with no parental supervision. So chun, lol. Hmm I won RM1 from blackjack lol. After that Yee Sam, his gf, Si ching, Glenn, Lam Shein and me went to Rainforest for a drink. RM20 gone. Byee Eileen, have fun in Aussie ):

Tuesday was Terence's treat to us (: We both went to Cold storage in Subang Parade in the morning and he was restraining me from buying my snacks. I swear I CANNOT enter a grocery store alone. That day, I spent RM150 on my snacks. ): So after picking up the ingredients, it was cooking time back at my place! Okay fine, I was watching and helping ABIT. Nadine, Anir and Safia eventually came and the food was yummmy. Bacon fettucini, one pork and one beef hehe. And mashed potatoes and nacho's! Then Terence and Nadine had to go back so me, Anir and Safia hanged out at ac and Nelson met up with us. Then Safia went back and continued playing pool with the boys. Then they came over to eat the leftovers which was still delicious and Anir went home. Me and Nel caught up and then he went to FTZ to meet up with Khairi, Mas and Faris while I went to play pool with my cousin Carmen. She and Serena wanted to go to G6 but I wasn't in the mood to club, so I met up with the boys at FTZ and played COD4 and CS. A joyride, then Canai Cafe then Mas's house for football on tv and burnout on the ps2! *takedownn* Finally got home around 6am.

Thursday night Zhiji, Reuben, Villi and I went over to Siew Lee's house to gamble. So did his sis and bro. Lost Rm10 in blackjack ): Rekha and Nelson picked me up at her house and talk like mad in Carlos. Did not know that the shisha is Rm10 only and is pretty good too! Bianca and her friend managed to find their way there and we gambled again cause I was determined to win my money back. My first time being chongker resulted in me winning a few ringgit and owing Nelson RM28 FML! I told him it wasn't over yet cause we would still be gambling in Winston's house for his cny open house the next day.

Stayed up with them till 3.30am and slept around 5am so yeap, a two hour nap before college starts on Friday. Pretty useless to have gone since more than half of the class didn't come. Though it was nice catching up with Yee Wen during break and then playing pool and foos as usual. Terence and Safia came over to ac after my class finished at 1pm and it was nice laughing away with them (: Then played pool with them and Su Kim while waiting for Amanda to finish her class. Said byeeee to Su Kim and Winston dropped all of us off at my house for me and Amanda to shower and to meet up with Nadine. Nelson & Khairi finally came and the two cars were off to pick up Rekha then to Winston's house. His house has furniture this time and his house was just beautiful. Owh and that sweetie cancelled off my debt of RM28 at the party. Thanks Nelson! Though after that I won RM48 from Winston's brother's friends 0:) Luck was DAMN good that night, epic! And I can't remember how much I won from playing with Michael, Glenn, Joanne and Ti Kian. Arrgh I missed the gangbang since I was busy gambling ):

After Winston's house was MOS with Zhiji, Reuben and Siew Lee. They paid for the bottle while I was a cheapskate. Awwww, thank you so much! I still feel bad about it :/

Saturday Pardeep called me and woke me up. FINALLY got to see him for awhile before he goes back to Melbourne. Played foos with him at ac and for a guy that hasn't played for 5months, still effing good at challenging people and WINNING more than once right! He's probably in the plane now. Bye korkor ):
Ate like a pig when I got back home and slept again. Then Chen Ji woke me up lol. He came over for awhile and we just catched up (: You better call me when your in Subang ok! Then Safia came over for Mas and the boys to pick us up. Thank you Mas (: Off to Nelson's house for his birthday party!

Played Soul Caliber on the ps3 and I rocked it, since I played it once before in Akram's house haha! Had to admit I spammed alot cause I forgot about the usage of the O button LOL. Ate good curry too (: Ahh was a good night la, other than losing my winnings from Winston's house to Anir, Rekha, Terence and Imran in blackjack ): I don't wanna be chongker no more! Walked around the neighbourhood from time to time and freaking hilarious when Samuel rang the doorbells of random houses and we ran like fucktards. But I thought you didn't care, REKHA? ((: HAHAHHA! Everyone went back home soon enough and Anir, Terence, Faris and me slept over. Gotta say, Terence sucks balls in playing the frog game. One frog, fell in the water, then FLOOP la aiyo! I bet I said it already in my blog but I'll say it again, best drinking game ever! Played indian poker too, freaking mind-fucking game!! Juggermeister and bacardi apple, ftw!! We only slept at 6, 7am.

Nelson sent me home around 3pm in the afternoon and I ate my cereal eventhough we ate at his place just now and I slept like a pig again. After two nights of drinking it's good to finally chill at home. But, I didn't do my college work. Again. Crap!

And Happy Chinese New year, everyone!
And Happy birthday to Faris and Nelson! (:


Anonymous said...

heyyyy!! as of fifth november ... 2010.. you're feeling down. Here's a random cheer up comment so that you'll feel better. assuming you still come by your blog once in a while xD

just a lame boy!